About Me:

My Story

I’m Christopher Schreiber. I’ve spent much of my career in retail management, but I made the decision to reboot my career in 2022. I enrolled in Justice Through Code at Columbia University. I had gotten a taste for writing scripts while working for Unicor. As the warehouse clerk, I was tasked with many mundane tasks focused around distilling information from the enterprise software, SAP, to varying outputs based upon the client’s desires. Due to Enterprise environmental restraints, macros were disabled. I ordered a book on functions and spent every minute learning how to make my job more streamlined. In the 3 years that I worked at that position, my time spent doing the tedious, repetitive work was reduced dramatically.

I’m intelligent, curious, analytical and motivated to constantly improve my skills. I have fifteen years of sales and customer service experience and seven years of management experience. I bring authenticity and levity to every group that I am part of by interspersing old-fashioned grit with dad jokes. I’m efficient, organized and self-disciplined – you can set me onto a task and I’ll trailblaze the path on my own. I’d love to discuss further how my skills can benefit you or your team.

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